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Online and in person holistic therapy.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. That is why in my therapy I combine different techniques that bring about wellbeing on the larger spectrum. I look at the person as a whole, in order to find permanent solutions that last. 

In my therapy I combine different methods, from positive psychology, to EMDR and Brainspotting, to NLP, hypnosis, yoga and meditation as well as Ayurveda.

I truly believe that disease is not just physical or mental or emotional, but it is all of it. If one of those parts in not in balance, the whole of us is unbalanced as well. In therapy we do work with the deep issues that are affecting you, such as traumas or PTSD, but we also focus on bringing about balance with the help of yoga, meditation, breathing, energy healing and food. And this is exactly why I am able to create real results that last.

Meet Ada

Certified therapist and yoga instructor 

The host of "All things health and abundance" podcast

Therapeutic coach Ada Komani

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.


If you came to this page it probably means that you are looking for some sort of help with something you are going through. I am not here to show off what i can do for you, as I do not not know you. And if I do not know you, how can I know if I can help you?


So why don't you start by booking a free 30 minutes consultation with me? Totally free of charge. Like this I can tell you more about how I work and you can tell me what you need help with. 

You can book the meeting by sending and email or by clicking here

All things health and abundance podcast

This is the podcast where we discuss different health and abundance issues and come with real tips and advice

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What I specialize in

Take the first step towards healing the whole of you.


Book a free 30 minutes consultation with Ada

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Review by

Elisa Adams 

"Ada has made a real difference in my son's life who is suffering from Autism. Through deep brain work she has positively altered the way he reacts as well as his communication skills have gotten much better. He is changing for the better with every session. I heartily recommend Ada"

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