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Unveiling the worldwide healing tapestry: A journey of wellness with coach Ada Komani

Welcome to a transformative exploration into the realm of holistic healing with Ada. In a world pulsating with energy, where mind, body, and spirit dance in harmony, I can be your compassionate guide through a mosaic of healing modalities. Join me on this journey of self-discovery, balance, and rejuvenation.

Meet Ada - Your Healing worldwide companion 🌟

I am a seasoned practitioner with a heart full of empathy and hands radiating healing energy and i invite you to experience a tapestry of worldwide healing modalitietinents. From the vibrant cityscape of Melbourne, Australia, to the bustling streets of New York, New Jersey, Boston, and the serene landscapes of Florida and Orlando— I extend my healing touch.

Beyond borders, this healing magic spreads in the enchanting cities of London, UK, and across the Scandinavian lands of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Albania, too, finds itself embraced in the my healing embrace.

Holistic healing unveiled: A palette of modalities 🌈

1. Reiki - Channeling universal life energy

Reiki is a dance of energy, a conduit of universal life force. Whether in the vibrant energy hub of Melbourne or amidst the historical charm of London, Reiki sessions with me promise serenity and balance.

2. Pranic healing - The dance of energy cleansing

Journey with me into the art of Pranic Healing, where the breath of life harmonizes with the bustling energy of New York and the tranquility of Scandinavian landscapes. Clearing energetic blockages, Pranic Healing brings vitality and clarity.

3. Theta Healing - Rewriting the subconscious script

Step into the realm of possibilities with Theta Healing. I can guide you through the realms of potential, offering sessions that transcend the cultural diversity from Boston to the sun-soaked shores of Florida.

4. Crystal Healing - Nature’s gifts for spiritual harmony

In the heart of Melbourne or amid the historical richness of the UK, I introduce you to the crystalline world. Crystal Healing sessions promise a journey into the earth's treasures, aligning your energy with the rhythm of nature.

5. Emotion Code and Body Code - unraveling the emotional tapestry

Across continents, I delve into the Emotional and Body Code, gently unlocking the stories held within. From the vibrant cityscape of New York to the tranquil landscapes of Scandinavia, each session is a step towards emotional liberation.

Healing beyond borders: Your global companion 🌍

The enchanting healing energy doesn't recognize the limit of borders, transcending geographical boundaries. Whether you find yourself in the Southern Hemisphere of Australia or the Northern realms of Europe, or in the UK or USA, I can be your steadfast companion on the journey to wellness.

Connect with me - A personalized healing experience 🌿

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and rejuvenation? I invite you to step into a world where healing is not just a service but a shared journey.

Contact me for:

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Pranic Healing Sessions

  • Theta Healing Sessions

  • Crystal Healing Sessions

  • Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions

Book your session today, and let the healing journey unfold. Wherever you are on this beautiful planet, I am here to guide you towards a life of balance, vitality, and abundance.

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