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Greetings, beautiful souls! I'm Ada, your life coach and compassionate guide on the transformative path to holistic well-being. 🌟

About me:

I'm a certified NLP coach, currently learning more about psychotherapy as well as integrating it more and more in my coaching. I am also  practitioner of the profound art of epigenetic reprogramming, I bring a unique blend of knowledge and experience to support you on your journey.

As a seeker of balance in every aspect of life, I've dedicated myself to helping individuals like you overcome obstacles and embrace their true potential.

Why life coaching?

More often than not life can be challenging and often we find ourselves at crossroads, yearning for guidance, understanding, and a clear path forward. That's where I step in. As your life coach, my mission is to help you find the path to your most authentic, fulfilled life. Together, we navigate the complexities, address challenges,, set and achieve goals and co-create a reality that aligns with your deepest aspirations.

Areas of expertise:
  1. Career growth:

    • Set realistic goals and figure out how to achieve them

    • Unlock your professional potential and find purpose in your career

    • Navigate career changes and make strategic decisions for your professional journey

    • Manifest the career of your dreams

    • Remove blockages that might stand on the way of your career

  2. Financial empowerment:

    • ¨Set realistic financial goals and create a plan that will help you achieve them

    • Transform your relationship with money and manifest financial abundance

    • Create a solid financial plan that aligns with your life goals

    • Learn to manifest money and wealth

    • Remove blockages to money and wealth

  3. Love and relationships:

    • Cultivate fulfilling and harmonious connections

    • Heal the relationship with your partner

    • Heal the relationship with yourself

    • Heal the relationship with other family members such as children, parents, siblings

    • Overcome challenges in relationships and attract the love you deserve

    • Manifest the right person for you 

    • Remove blockages to the right person coming into your life

    • Let go of everything from previous relationships that doesn't serve you and traumas connected to these relationships

    • Heal you childhood traumas that might be affecting your love life

  4. Manifestation mastery:

    • Find out What you want to manifest and how to do that

    • Harness the power of manifestation to bring your dreams to life

    • Align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your desired reality

    • Learn how to truthfully become gratefulness

  5. Stress and anxiety Management:

    • Develop coping mechanisms for navigating life's challenges with resilience

    • Transform stress and anxiety into opportunities for personal growth

    • Remove everything that has contributed to stress and anxiety

  6. Life direction and purpose:

    • Explore your life's purpose and align your actions with your true calling

    • Gain clarity on your life direction and take confident steps towards your goals

    • Set yoursef up for success by removing old beliefs and implementing new beliefs in your subconscious



Holistic approach:

My coaching philosophy is rooted in a holistic understanding of well-being. The combination of NLP, psychotherapy, and epigenetic reprogramming serves as a powerful toolkit for transformation. We'll work together to identify and break free from limiting beliefs, reprogram negative thought patterns, and create a positive mindset conducive to personal growth.


Balanced living:

Life coaching with me is not just about achieving external success; it's about fostering balance in every facet of your existence. We delve into the mind, body, and spirit connection to ensure that personal growth is a seamless integration into your overall well-being.

Your journey awaits:

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and manifestation? Whether you're standing at a career crossroads, seeking financial abundance, navigating the complexities of love, or yearning for a deeper understanding of your life's purpose - I'm here for you.

Take the first step towards your transformed life. Contact me today, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together. You can even start with a free consultation. Nothing to loose really.

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